Processing involves all the aspects through which a stone undergoes, in order to be transformed from just a block of stone to elegant product be it slabs, tiles, monuments and other forms.

The following flow sheet explains the basic outline flow of how this transformation takes place.

QUARRYING: It is the basic stage where raw blocks are extracted from earth source

For the next stage the blocks are moved into a factory shed for further processing

Depending on the type of blocks obtained (cutter or slab) dressing is done after which the main cutting stage commence

Once the slab is obtained it needs to be polished where multi-line head polishers are used they vary from slabs to tiles various finish obtained

On requirement customized epoxy treatment can be carried out for enhancement for colors and as fillers


Slabs and tiles are inspected and measured

Packaging is done via crates / frames for slabs and Styrofoam, boxed packing for tiles, the container crates are shipped off. 

As per customer request, we do surface with – polished / leather finished / honed / antique finished / lapatua finished.